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ICATCH International Investigation Limited
搜証國際調查有限公司 | 深圳市守正知識產權代理有限公司
Shenzhen ICATCH Consultation Company Limited
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  1. The most effective and direct way in facts finding
  2. Tracing the whereabouts of People / anti-counterfeiting activities
  3. Discovering People, spouse, kid and employee contacts / routings
  4. More than 30 experienced and professionally trained operatives
  5. Use different models of vehicles in Hong Kong and China.
  6. Professional teams in monitoring and surveillance
  7. High-tech Audio / video recording equipment / tools in use
  8. Compile and detailed investigation report will be prepared

Business, Insurance, Fraud and Financial Investigations

  1. Experienced Investigators with legal background study case nature
  2. Tailor made background check plan suits clients’ requirements
  3. Skilled investigative mode to obtain relevant data
  4. Professional associates such as Accountant & Auditor / Lawyer / Surveyor will work together, if appropriate

Enquiries of Activities of Spouses, Children and Employees

To know your spouse is infidelity? Any Extra-marital affairs?

Who is the day to day close contact with your children / employees? Are they associating with undesirable elements? Selling your company data, receiving bribes + advantages etc ? These problems often plague a lot of families and companies ! We could Help to find out The Truth.

  1. Experienced ex-ICAC and Police Officers in charge of investigation
  2. All information obtained is strictly protected and only for your eyes
  3. Provide professional advice and assessment base on facts known
  4. Effective referral to Law Enforcement Agencies with clients’ instructions

Anti-counterfeiting Activities

We all know that acts of infringement and counterfeiting of copyrights will cause significant economic and reputation losses to copyright holders. The crime nature is usually secret operating by a group of people. Since our inception, Icatch has entrusted by local or overseas copyright holders to conduct Anti-counterfeiting Operations and investigations in China and HK through local networks.

  1. Detailed Investigation plan ahead by pre-background check
  2. Surveillance and monitoring will be mounted
  3. Undercover and intelligence operations may involve
  4. Provide professional advice and assessment base on facts known
  5. Referral to Law Enforcement Agencies with clients’ instructions
  6. Successful and experienced Joint – Law Enforcement Agencies.

Commercial Investigation

  1. Asset Searches and Recovery is established during Pre-litigation or Post-litigation.
  2. Icatch private investigators conduct wide range of investigations such as data collection, background checks and analysis with a view to locating the pass and current assets of the targets.
  3. In conclusion, those information is used for assessment whether the targets has the abilities for repayment.


  1. Icatch detectives are formally trained for the planning of undercover operations and informant handling.
  2. In the course of undercover operations, accurate information and intelligence can be able to obtain for surveillance and further operation planning.

IP Registration & Litigation

  1. ICATCH helps clients in managing their IP portfolios, including registration, enforcement and licensing of trademarks, copyrights and patents.